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Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:New Zealand
Hello and welcome! Here on Livejournal and a few other places, I go by the name of Salimbol, who is a minor character from a series of books I’m writing (or plan to write, if I'm being honest. Years of planning, not much writing. Good things take time, you know...). I’m a librarian/information professional with a long standing love of all things fantasy and science fiction, though I’ve done the rounds of genres such as history, mystery and thrillers too, and I can also be very passionate about Western graphic novels, manga, anime and Asian live action TV dramas. My postings tend to be a bit sporadic at best, and will mostly be about what I’m reading and watching (often in a great splurge after weeks of silence, you lucky devils). My tastes are extremely diverse and I’ll try a bit of anything; as a general rule, I like good ensemble casts, with complex and preferably self-aware characters, but a bit of cheese (or even a lot of cheese) doesn’t faze me. Humour is a must! And because I’m a history buff, I appreciate stories with an eye for detail that build their worlds well. Any recommendations are most welcome.

Icon disclaimer: I collected icons for years from all over the place with no thought of ever using them in a journal like this, so I don't know where most of the older ones came from. But I certainly don’t want to be a poacher, so if I have something of yours, let me know and I’ll either credit it to you or remove it. My userpic is from the lovely kids’ book ‘Oliver in the Garden’ by Margaret Beames and Sue Hitchcock; by all means buy it if you love cats.

Name of the blog: it doesn’t actually mean anything significant. I like chocolate, I like dragons; I combined the two into something absolutely meaningless but hopefully memorable.
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